Our service model for housing companies - Parking Energy

Our service model for housing companies

Parking Energy’s service model is a sustainable and fair solution for electric vehicle charging in housing companies.

When a housing company provides charging capability to the entire parking area, the housing company will also receive new outdoor electrical outlets and timers for drivers with internal combustion engine vehicles. The minimum order for charging readiness is six parking spaces.

The charging readiness we offer is the easiest and most affordable way to fix up all of a housing company’s outdoor electrical outlets and simultaneously raise the value of the property.

In our service model, the housing company is responsible for the cabling and charging readiness. The drivers cover the costs of the lease or purchase of the charging devices and the electricity.

With Parking Energy’s operating contract, a housing company makes it possible for a resident to order the charging device of their choosing directly from Parking Energy, without cost to the housing company.

The connector technology makes it possible to install a charging device without any actual electrical work.

What does a housing company’s charging readiness mean?

Charging readiness means that a resident of the housing company can directly order a charging point and charging device from Parking Energy to their own parking space, without any actual electrical work and a separate permit from the housing company or property manager.

The idea of charging readiness lies within the innovative connector system we have developed. Our connector technology makes it possible to use traditional cabling for both heating cars and charging electric vehicles.

Through the plug-and-play method, a traditional outdoor electrical outlet with a mechanical timer as well as different types of Parking Energy charging devices can be installed at a charging point.

The housing company only needs to make an operating contract with Parking Energy, after which residents can independently order a charging point and begin using it. The operating contract is free of charge for the housing company and also includes an automatic compensation to the housing company for the electricity used for charging.

Scalable system

The charging technology for electric vehicles is constantly developing. New car models that are able to utilise the available electrical current in new ways enter the market, and comfort requirements increase as people become used to fixed cables, for example.

Parking Energy’s connector technology and scalable charging solution with its leasable charging devices ensure that housing companies and drivers always have a charging point that makes use of the latest technology and that is always remotely monitored.

A charging point can be installed without any actual electrical work, without even interrupting the charging of the neighbouring cars. Performing maintenance on a charging point or switching to a more powerful one also happens without any interruptions to service.

What is Parking Energy’s lease model?

The charging readiness delivered by Parking Energy to housing companies includes electrical work and the installation of the connectors. New outdoor electrical outlets with a 2-hour timer for traditional car heating are also brought to the charging-ready parking spaces.

In the lease model, the driver receives the charging device they ordered at an affordable monthly fee. The duration of an order is 12 months, after which the order continues indefinitely with a period of notice of 1 month. Ending the service is quick and free of charge. Switching the type of charging device can also be done without any electrical work.

Parking Energy’s service package always includes power management, electricity metering, automatic invoicing to drivers and compensation for electricity used to the housing company. The charging point identifies the driver automatically, and you can monitor your own charging information using our Parking Energy application.

Now, it is also possible to buy Parking Energy’s charging devices. Prices will be given in connection with the offer.

Devices’ performance guarantee

Parking Energy is responsible for the functionality of their own charging devices for the entire contract period. All of the charging devices we deliver are subject to constant remote monitoring. With proactive maintenance,

we can prevent disruptions and switch out the device before it becomes faulty. Parking Energy’s charging devices meet the safety requirements set out by the CE standards, and they also contain several features which increase electrical safety.

Electricity invoicing

Each charging point meters the electricity used. The housing company determines the price of electricity. An individual cost based on the principles of fairness is recommended. Parking Energy will invoice the driver (invoice fee €0.02/kWh) and compensate the housing company for electricity used quarterly.

Smart load levelling

Smart electricity load levelling makes it possible for even an old electricity system to be updated for electric vehicle charging without the need for an expensive renovation.

This way, housing companies can have multiple charging points without overloading their electricity connection.

With Parking Energy’s smart electricity load levelling system, charging happens at full power whenever the property’s capacity allows it. As demand increases, the system limits the vehicles’ charging power evenly and each vehicle will receive power within the bounds of the given capacity.

The peak in electricity consumption typically occurs in the evenings for residential houses when people return home from work, and conversely when people come to work for other properties. A smart electricity load levelling system can limit the charging of electric vehicles during consumption peaks. For electric vehicle drivers, however, the important thing is that the battery is recharged in the morning or at the end of the work day.